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- Mod adds more realistic and hard physics for ATS trucks;
- It is now more difficult to drive a truck, "feel" of the truck is increased;
- Changed driver body movement physics, which is now less static;
- Added five new modes for windshield wipers for vanilla and mod trucks (four intermittment modes, one long, one short) from 15 item list;
- Lots of changes was made in truck behavior:
1. Changed cabin weight to a more realistic value;
2. Changed brake efficiency: less overall effectiveness an less effectiveness at low speed (but higher upper margin of "low speed"Wink. Increased max. brakes temperature, increased warm up/cool down rates;
3. Decreased autocentering speed of steering wheel. Decreased truck turning ability;
4. Increased rotational wheel resistance and air resistance. Also, increased inertia - slower acceleration and stopping;
5. Increased clutch strength for more realistic clutch-transmission behavior;
6. Decreased retarder effectiveness;
7. Increased chassis suspension travel values for vanilla trucks;
8. Slightly decreased overall damping force for truck/trailer chassis suspension;
9. Transmission inertia decreased;
10. Added tyres slip possibility. Tyres a little less rigid now;
11. Increased flywheel resistance - RPM drops faster, when not in gear;
12. Increased intensity of engine braking - truck slow downs faster, when truck is not given throttle;
13. Decreased engine compression - truck loses speed more quicker, when no throttle is given;
14. Increased transmission resistance - more losses in transmission.
15. Added slightly modified chassis files for:
Freightliner Argosy by stas556, dmitry68, odd_fellow, FRANK_WOT, Kriechbaum;
Freightliner Cascadia by Jon_ruda, Sergej Baltazar, kriechbaum, SISL, Solaris36;
Freightliner Century by Vinzel;
Freightliner Classic XL by Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Ventyres, odd_fellow, SCS Software, vitalik062
Freightliner Coronado by Softclub-NSK, Stas556, dmitry68, kriechbaum, knox_xss, David Otto, Joe Smith, vitalik062;
Freightliner FLB by SCS Software, odd_fellow, Kriechbaum, ventyres, vitalik062;
Freightliner FLD120 by Anton Aronson, KW_Driver, AMT Modding, Viper2, Quattrophobia, guidot;
International 9400I by slava1, modsru;
International 9800i by Blinkman, СофтЛабНСК, Ventures, SCS Softwar, Джо, slava1, guidot, KW_Driver;
International Eagle 9300i by Kreichbaum, odd_fellow, Panther, SCS, guidot, KW_Driver;
International Lonestar by SCS Software, Franck;
International Prostar by SCS, franck, Dominique, mc40in, TruckerStas;
Kenworth K100 by Ivan, Ols, AU44, Oleg_Conte, darklorrd, Stas556, HaXwell, rus47tam, V4sil3, BoomStas556, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, SCS, Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004, vitalik062;
Kenworth K200 by jekich1, Fox071rus, Smith, Fire-Blade, Stas556, kriechbaum, Gerald Hardie, Mick Brown, Tracy N, Nathan Anderson, Dave Burgess;
Kenworth T2000 by Sn4k3r, DB3, Panther, Kriechbaum, mjtemdark;
Kenworth T800 2016 beta by GT-Mike, SCS Software;
Kenworth T800 by dmitry68, kriechbaum, Stels, oq37 and SCS;
Kenworth T908 by HD Truck Team, Kenworth T600 by slava1, vitalik062, Matgamer;
Kenworth W900B Long by Stas556, dmitry68, vovangt4;
Mack SuperLiner by RTA, ElEter;
Mack Titan by FRANK_WOT, Андрей Васильев, vitalik062, Kriechbaum;
Peterbilt 351 by jawa, Stas556, Kriechbaum;
Peterbilt 386 by Ivan (Haulin), Kenworth58(2), Iljaxas, Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier, dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504, ED101, viper2, rus47tam, vovangt4, Big_bob, Stels;
Peterbilt 387 by Ch_Vitalik, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor;
Peterbilt 389 by Viper2;
Peterbilt 389 v2.0 by Ivan (Haulin), Kenworth58(2), Iljaxas, Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier, dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504, ED101, viper2;
Peterbilt 579EXHD by Ivan, Тим, Джон, Mars812, Coalminer, Stas556, Mishanka, Fox071rus, Dmitry68, knox_xss, Chris, Classick, Kriechbaum, skiner, Regwiem, Михаил Шкутов (mihanikmsts);
Scania T by Solutech/RJL;
Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth;
Volvo VT880 by Sant457, BigBob, Jesse, Kriechbaum, ExCrimea, scaniamatteo.
16. Added chassis, cabin, engine, transmission and wheel wear;
17. Less damage from truck to trailer, but overall damage level increased;
18 And other changes...
Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod folder of ATS;
2.Open in-game mod manager and enable "Improved truck physics" mod;
Important! If you will use this mod with supported truck mods (look at added trucks list), use it with higher priority! If you will use this mod with non-supported truck mod, use it with higher priority, than this physics mod!
All my mods are free to download and will be distributed this way in the future too. Hovewer, If you appreciate what i`m doing and want to support my work, you can transfer any amount of money, using PayPal on this email: useruna@gmail.com
All donations are voluntarily! Every donation counts! Thank you!
Changelog for ver.1.4:
-added full compatibility with new game version 1.3.x;
-lots of fixes in chassis definition files;
-added wear factors for engine, transmission, tyres, cabin and chassis;
-reworked damage coeffs;
-reworked chassis and cabin suspension behavior;
-improved truck handling;
-fixed too low friction of tyres;
-fixed clutch and transmission values;
-added support for:
Peterbilt 389 v2.0 by Ivan (Haulin), Kenworth58(2), Iljaxas, Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier, dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504, ED101, viper2;
Peterbilt 386 by Ivan (Haulin), Kenworth58(2), Iljaxas, Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier, dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504, ED101, viper2, rus47tam, vovangt4, Big_bob, Stels
Kenworth T800 2016 beta by GT-Mike, SCS Software;
Freightliner FLD120 by Anton Aronson, KW_Driver, AMT Modding, Viper2, Quattrophobia, guidot;
Freightliner Cascadia by Jon_ruda, Sergej Baltazar, kriechbaum, SISL, Solaris36;
International 9800i by Blinkman, СофтЛабНСК, Ventures, SCS Softwar, Джо, slava1, guidot, KW_Driver;
International Prostar by SCS, franck, Dominique, mc40in, TruckerStas;
Volvo VT880 by Sant457, BigBob, Jesse, Kriechbaum, ExCrimea, scaniamatteo;
-many other changes.
June 13 2016 19:03:48
Download 302
Version: 1.3.x
License: Free

(2.1 MB)

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